Treatment options for Aggression

How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Dog aggression is a very common problem. If you don’t know what to do with your aggressive dog, or how to stop aggressive dog behavior, we can help.

Dog aggression can be a natural survival instinct, however, our focus is social interaction, not survival. If you need to calm your aggressive dog, you might try a better quality diet and making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. If that does not help and you are still not sure how to calm your aggressive dog, try our brain chemistry test.

A content dog with a good sense of wellbeing has the ability to withstand stress and should be less aggressive. In order to treat aggression in dogs with medicine, they are often given a drug that acts like a depressant. A dog with a healthy mind will have the ability to calm himself. The Blue Spot Pets model provides nutritional supplements which increase the health of the dog’s brain. This natural way of treating aggression in dogs is a healthy long term approach to having a happier, healthier pet.

Solving an aggression problem can be complex. You may have been advised to treat the aggression with antidepressant drugs like Prozac. Our goal is to give your aggressive dog help by giving their brain the nutrients it needs to be well balanced.

Types of aggression

There are several classes of aggression considered normal to dogs. The ASPCA web page presents one of the best reviews of the types of and risk factors for canine aggression.

Social Aggression

The Blue Spot Pets – Brain Wellness Program focuses on social interaction. As pet owners we take on the role of “pack leader” in all aspects of life including training and medical care. The well-known trainer, Cesar Milan, focuses on lack of exercise and confusion over who the pack leader is as sources of aggression. These and other factors such as injury, illness, poor diet and major changes in home life are sources of stress and may result in aggressive behavior.

What can I do to reduce aggression?

A content dog with a good sense of wellbeing has the ability to withstand stress and should be less aggressive. The Blue Spot Pets Brain Wellness Program takes physical, historical and neurochemical aspects into account to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Regular exercise and a high quality diet are a good starting point for stress reduction. Dogs with pent up energy are likely to be frustrated and “take it out” on other dogs or the humans they associate with.

How much exercise – Exercise should last 30 minutes to one hour. When the dog’s pace has slowed and starts to lag behind, he has had enough. However, exercise should not result in injury. If the pavement is hot, find a trail sheltered by trees.

I’m too busy to exercise Some dogs need more exercise than the owner is able to provide. With the constraints of modern life, time is always an issue. Social interaction with humans and other dogs may be limited. Solving an aggression problem becomes more complex. You may have been advised to treat the aggression with antidepressant drugs like Prozac.

DRUG FREE Treatment for Aggression in Dogs

Aggression is treatable through the Blue Spot Pets Brain Wellness Program. The basis of this unique program is the science of neurochemicals (neurotransmitters) like Serotonin. Stress can “burn up” necessary neurotransmitters at an accelerated rate. The testing, analysis and nutrition provided in this program is designed to measure the level of neurotransmitters (NTs) in your dog’s brain and balance them to within the normal range. There are a number of reasons for an imbalance of NTs. One of these is how well the digestive system is working. Testing in the Blue Spot Pets program addresses this as well.   Healthy gut, Healthy brain!

What to do with my Aggressive Dog?

Mary from Austin, TX emailed is and asked: I don’t know what to do with my aggressive dog. I like taking him out and to the dog park, but I never know when he is going to snap at a person or another dog. This is a big problem. Can you tell me what to do with my aggressive dog?

We talked to Mary about her problem and she ordered a dog brain chemistry test kit. She collected a small amount of urine from her dog and sent it off to the lab. About a week later, she received her personalized report. The report suggested a couple of nutritional supplements that her dog would benefit from. She logged on to our website, bought the supplements and gave them to her dog as recommended.

After a few weeks she wrote back: Thank you for helping me treat the aggression in my dog. I can now take him out and feel much better about his behavior. He also seems to feel better overall and is happier.

How to Treat Aggression in Dogs

Blue Spot Pets provides a natural program for your dog. Our supplements can provide help for aggressive dogs. Our science officer provides a protocol of mealtime supplements to support the natural balancing of neurotransmitter levels in your dog’s brain. This protocol is based on a urinalysis, health history and with her knowledge of neuroscience. We recommend periodic retesting to determine the efficacy of the treatment and the need to modify the protocol. As your dog’s system becomes balanced in a “normal” state, he is able to handle stress more efficiently and less likely to be aggressive.

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