How to stop your Dog from Chewing Everything

Chewing Dog

Destructive Dog Behavior

Do you have  destructive dogs in your life? Is your dog destroying your home because he is chewing everything? Our brain wellness program can help stop destructive dog behavior. Keep reading to learn more.

Stopping a Dog from Chewing

Your dog is chewing everything. What can you do? You need to stop your dog from chewing carpet or furniture and get him help. Destructive dogs and dogs with a chewing problem generally have some sort of a nervous system problem. They express or deal with this problem by chewing. The best way to stop your dog from chewing is by helping him feel better.


The Digestive System and the Dog with a Chewing Problem

A dog with a digestive system problem is not a happy dog. He will have mood and behavior problems that affect his day to day life. Our neurotransmitter test provides an analysis of a dog’s brain chemistry. Based on the results – we provide you with a nutritional solution to stop your dog’s chewing problem. This test involves collecting a small urine sample from your dog and sending it to our lab.

You will receive a detailed report of your dog’s brain chemistry as well as the supplements to give to him to help make him feel and behave better.  With these nutritional supplements, you can stop your dog’s chewing problem in it’s tracks.


Woman And Cute Dog

Dog Chewing Problem Solved

Ann from Denver wrote:

“I tried stopping my dog from chewing for years and nothing worked. He was chewing everything! He was literally chewing us out of house and home.  I finally tested his brain chemistry and began giving him the supplements that you recommended. I’m glad to report that it helped stop my dog from chewing carpet and the furniture. We can finally leave him alone without worrying about what will be destroyed when we return.”

Man and Calm Dog

I Stopped My Chewing Dog

Jack from Phoenix wrote:

“My dog had a chewing problem. We were keeping him in a crate, but felt bad about it. We tested his brain chemistry and started him on the supplements. After a few weeks, we gave him another chance at freedom while we were gone. His behavior has greatly improved. We are happy to report that we have stopped our dog from chewing everything and he is much happier with his freedom.”


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