How to get a dog to stop barking

Barking Dog

Understand that Barking is Natural

Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs. It alerts others to the dangers and threats to your pet and your home. However, excessive, constant barking can quickly become a nuisance to owners and neighbors alike.  It can be a frustrating and overwhelming problem to stop dogs from barking. So how do you stop your dog from barking?

How to Stop a Dog from Barking

Excessive barking is caused by feelings of anxiety or insecurity, which stems from poor nutrition. It causes an imbalance in a dog brain chemistry. While obedience training is a good option to learn how teach your dog not to bark, nutritional supplements are the missing key to ensure your dog has a balanced brain. Blue Spot Pets offers a natural solution to stop barking dogs  that will balance your dog’s brain and improve his overall health.


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Stopping the Dog Barking Problem

Chris in Minneapolis wrote:

“We adopted our dog Minnie from a shelter, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that we learned she is a non-stop barker. We thought she may have anxiety from being abandoned, but the constant barking was driving us crazy and we had to do something to stop it. We found the Blue Spots Pet website and decided to order the brain chemistry test. The test results showed us that Minnie had an imbalance and we began giving her the recommended supplements. Within 2 weeks, we noticed a big difference. She had calmed down dramatically and was no longer barking for hours at a time. Thank you for showing us how to stop dog from barking!”


Girl and Happy Dog

Keep your Dog from Barking

Ginny in Houston wrote:

“We tried obedience classes for our lab Buster because he wouldn’t stop barking when he was in our backyard. We really wanted him to be an outside dog, but he was quickly becoming an inside dog. The classes helped some, but then if we left him outside while we were away at work, he barked so much the neighbors started to complain.  We searched for an alternative to medication for dogs, and found the brain chemistry test. We started Buster on the supplements and he has stopped barking since then. Needless to say, we are much relieved to find an answer for how to stop a dog barking.”

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