About us

Bennie_BoBlue Spot Pets (BSP) is practitioner owned and operated.

Clinical expertise is needed in every step of the process to achieve brain health. The patient experience and positive outcome is the most important goal for the Blue Spot team.

At its core, BSP is primarily a testing and analysis company. We provide supplements because we want to ensure that our clients have a trusted source of high quality, American made products. In this way they are able to fulfill the goal of achieving a healthy balanced brain for their dog without concern over the use of substandard supplements.

We make it a priority to associate ourselves with laboratories using the most technologically advanced and reliable methods available in our field.

It is our view that all pets will benefit from testing and analysis of the neurotransmitter levels in their brain. From personal experience, we are aware that brain wellness and the ability to handle stressful situations is not an issue that may be avoided by sourcing your animal from a well-known and reliable breeder.

The two King Charles Spaniels shown here are from a kennel producing Westminster Kennel Club winners. The Blenheim (orange and white) is a sweet, even tempered dog. Prior to testing and treatment, the Tri Color (black, white orange) had issues with Separation Anxiety.

Our focus on treating the “whole patient” rather than just symptoms has improved the outcome for BSP patients.

Our vision is to remain the premier source of brain wellness, analysis and treatment.

In future, we will expand the scope of testing/analysis available to continue to address the needs of the public and those involved in Canine care.

We welcome inquiry and appreciate the support of our Practitioners and Pet Owners.


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